Bags along with pens and other writing instruments are the most cost-effective promotional products.

Bags have been the number one promotional product in terms of market share, impressions and customer preference every year since 2010. Bags along with pens and other writing instruments are also the most cost-effective promotional products. Bags are eye-catching giveaways that get a lot of exposure, which is why most marketing people and business owners choose bags for their promotional marketing campaign. People don’t only love to get freebies, but they love getting useful stuff that they can use time and time again – and this is exactly why bags are top of the list when it comes to 2018’s promotional merchandise trends.

With 1038 impressions per month and a huge diversity in terms of style, price and purpose, it’s no wonder bags are such a winner! When it comes to promotional merchandise, there’s one rule of thumb: choose products that your customers would love using and your brand will thank you for it. The more a branded item is used, the more exposure it gets and it’s been proved that personalised bags get pretty much the same results as billboards: people notice them everywhere!

I hate to break it to you, but choosing bags as your go-to branded items is not enough for building a successful promotional campaign. There’s a bit of planning that goes into choosing the best type of bag for your target audience and making sure your logo will look amazing on whatever bag you choose to go with. But this isn’t something that can’t be done with the help of a professional promotional marketer. The most important questions you need to ask yourself before starting to look for the perfect promotional bag are the following:

  • What age is your target audience?
  • What preferences does your target audience have?
  • What are the colours that would best go with your logo?
  • What is your budget?
  • How soon do you need your promotional bags to be ready?

Once you have all this figured out, a promotional marketing specialist will quote you on enough options to make it easier for you to take the best decision. Sometimes, if you’re ordering a large number of bags, one image might not convince you to go ahead with the order. In this case, feel free to ask for a sample, which you will get in a day or two – it’s free of charge and it will help you decide on the fabric and style of the bag.

As with other promotional products, there’s a wealth of choices when it comes to bags. So let’s have a look at a few options.

Travel Bags

Consider travel bags as international advertisers, except they don’t cost a fortune. Whether you are a travel agency or you’re simply organizing a travel-related conference, travel bags are an amazingly effective way to get your brand out there. And when I say ‘’out there’’, I mean it! 

Personalised travel bag

Cotton Drawstring Bags

It’s amazing how popular cotton drawstring bags  have become lately. Affordable, practical and universal, branded drawstring bags are a great way of spreading the word about your business. You can use them in trade shows, conferences and pretty much any type of event that involves freebies. 

Branded Drawstring Bag

Jute Shopping Bags

Fortunately, people are becoming more environmentally conscious. Incorporating branded shopping bags in your promotional marketing campaign shows that you are concerned with the world we live in, and customers tend to have great respect for eco-friendly brands. Plus, your brand will get great exposure on a daily basis. The best thing about branded shopping bags is that your brand will be visible in the community your target audience belongs to – which can get you more valuable customers. 

Branded Jute Shopping Bag

Beach Bags

If you really want to get your customers excited, give them promotional beach bags. Fun, colourful and eye-catching, they can also be used as shopping bags, which makes them even more practical and long-lasting. 

Beach Bag

Laptop Bags

By now you probably know that you really can’t go wrong with a branded bag. If you’re targeting a tech/business-focused audience, you might want to go for a laptop bag. A lot of people don’t buy laptop bags, as they keep using the same old one that came with the laptop they got years ago. So branded laptop bags might be a win-win situation both for you and your customers. There’s a variety of laptop bags to choose from, depending on your budget and the features you’re after. 

Good quality, attractive bags will always be well-received by your customers and most of them will probably keep them for more than 6 months or even pass them on to friends or family, which is great for your brand! Among all promotional items, bags get the most exposure and are used quite frequently. Bags work for big and small businesses alike, as they’re so universal. Not to mention that branded bags cater to audiences from a diversity of backgrounds, which makes them a very practical promotional item. The main thing when choosing a promotional item, be it a bag or something else, make sure you give people items they actually want. Giving people items that they love using or wearing makes all the difference. Also, eye-catching and high-quality products is what makes people use them and this is how your brand gets more visibility. So, always invest in good quality promotional items that your customers would be interested in.

If you need some help choosing a promotional bag for your next event, get in touch with us. We’d love to be part of your next successful promotional marketing campaign! 

Laptop Bag

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